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      International Grants

      Bolsa: 1 Post-doctoral scholarship – Microtechnologies




      Position: Post-doctoral (BPD)


      Place: São Carlos – SP


      Project: Solutions based on microtechnologies for endoscopic capsules (CNPq)


      Scientific adviser: Prof. João Paulo Carmo (USP), www.sel.eesc.usp.br/jcarmo


      Duration: 1 year – eventually renewable up to the end of the project (3 years).


      Place of work: University of São Paulo (USP), Dept of Electrical Engineering (SEL), Av Trabalhador São-Carlense, 400, CEP 13566-590, São Carlos – SP, Brazil


      Anouncement’s text


      Objectives: To develop microelectronic systems (RF, imager, analog/digital electronics) and new soluctions and Technologies based on optics and photonics for integration of new functions on endoscopic capsules.


      Academic habilitations: PhD on Electrical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering/Physics Engineering/Physics and Technological Engineering/Physics/Materials Engineering


      Minimal requirements: Specific knowledge in the project’s domain enough to allow the execution of the necessary works


      Scholarship value: 4100 R$ (~1750 USD/~1350 €), as defined by the values granted by the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, CNPq


      Project duration: 2014-07-17 to 2017-07-16


      Working language: ENGLISH


      R&D financial grant agency: CNPq (Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development), www.cnpq.br


      Evaluation method: Curricular evaluation and when necessary, individual interview by Skype or when not possible at all, by e-mail exchanges.


      Result: In case of selection, the interested will be informed by email/phone. In case of not selection, the interested will be informed by email.


      Period to apply for the position: open all the time, up to the selection of a candidate.


      How to apply: Prof. Joao Paulo Carmo by email, sending the CV, a letter of motivation and digital copy of the PhD certificate: jcarmo  [at] sc.usp.br